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Thermal incineration unit goes into operation

Worldwide unique exhaust air cleaning system

01. July 2009

“The commissioning of the new exhaust air cleaning system has enabled us to succeed in two decisive things: we are making an important contribution to protecting the environment and ensure that we have competitive advantages in the long term,” says Hans-Bernd Stork, managing partner of the company with the same name. From its site on Körnebachstraße, the company – founded in 1927 – offers services, such as varnishing and coating, as well as protection against corrosion and blasting stainless steel. Last year, around 100 members of staff processed around 220 tonnes of lacquers, blasted 100,000 tonnes of steel and treated around 80,000 square metres of stainless steel. Customers included, among others, leading manufacturers of excavators, construction machines and cranes, as well as a large proportion of the German beverage industry and international underground mining.

With the latest exhaust air cleaning system, the company, which has been run by the Stork family for four generations, is the first worldwide to use a special process combination. This filters volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air. “VOCs arise from each coating and painting process in our day-to-day work. They are included as a solvent in colours, which are used for coatings on an industrial scale,” says Felix Stork, Authorised Officer of the company and son of Hans-Bernd Stork.

Over the course of the last few years, EU directives and Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control [TA Luft in German], which regulate the emissions of these pollutants, have been severely tightened. From a quantity of 15 tonnes of VOC per year, these have to be treated with an exhaust air cleaning system. Stork takes a relaxed view of the future as far as this is concerned. “Thanks to our high-tech unit, we can process orders without being restricted by quantity,” explains Stork Junior.

The family-run company invested over 2.2 million euros in the “air pollution control” project. “It’s been just short of three and a half years to get from the stage of just thinking about purchasing such a plant, its construction, getting the official authorisations granted and building it,” according to the 25-year-old master painter.


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