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Complete flexibility for our customers, short-notice operational readiness, and reliable delivery form the guiding principles of our fleet management. Our customers value our reliable and flexible pick-up and delivery service. This allows them to calmly focus on their core business — while we take care of everything else.

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We blast and coat your components – yet that’s far from everything that we do. This is because before, after and during our work, we also focus fully on the areas of logistics and packaging. With our own vehicle fleet, we also have the maximum flexibility and are independent of external freight forwarders. Your advantage: You can focus on your primary area of business while we do everything else. In specific terms, this means that with our “Shuttle Express” we can collect your products 24 hours a day, seven days a week and return them to you in the perfect packaging.

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Heavy-load vehicles and the maximum flexibility

In addition to this, we aren’t just flexible with our time. With our heavy-load vehicles, we offer an exceptionally wide-ranging service. We can move parts with a maximum width of 3.60 metres and a height of 3.20 metres and loads that weigh up to 47.5 tonnes. Length isn’t a problem either: we can transport components that are up to 23 metres long. For the securing of heavy duty transports, we have our own vehicles which are available at all times.

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Company-owned HGV fleet

We can complete orders which are less heavy with our own HGV fleet and vehicles that weigh between 7.5 and 40 tonnes. And thanks to our crane systems, special vehicles and high-performance forklift trucks, your components remain “mobile” on-site with us at all times.

To fulfil the highest of standards and ensure the best possible level of accident prevention, our logistics staff receive regular training in the fields of load-securing and crane operating.

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